Marduk is Racist!

Marduk is a racist and neo-Nazi band.
Marduk is a racist and neo-Nazi band.

Yes Marduk is a racist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist band… what else did you expect from a black metal band from Scandinavia?

Just like Emperor and Behemoth, Marduk is a neo-Nazi band that promotes hate, bigotry and intolerance in the heavy metal scene.

There are four bands members in the band Marduk:

Mortuus, the vocalist… he is a white male.
Morgan, the guitarist… he is a white male.
Devo, the bassist… he is a white male.
Fredrik Widigs, the drummer… he is a white male.

All white males, all racist.

Do you really need any more proof than that?

In 1999, Marduk released an album called “Panzer Division Marduk“… the Panzer Division was the armoured tank regiment of the Wehrmacht, the German Nazi army, in World War II.

A typical NSBM band.
A typical NSBM band.

The exact same army that was used by racist white people – like the members of Marduk – to genocide 6,000,000 Jewish men, women and children in the name of “purifying the Aryan race”.

But of course, as with all racist black metal bands, hypocritical white-privileged “fans” of the genre will rush to the defence of these hateful bigots and claim that this is only “ironic racism”, or “hipster racism”, or that it’s “freedom of speech” and therefore everything is fine and we should all tolerate literal Nazis invading the black metal scene.

That’s not the only case of Marduk openly promoting National Socialism, i.e. white supremacy. The band’s discography is filled with references to National Socialism, Adolf Hitler and the “superiority” of the white race.

Marduk founder and guitarist Morgan “Evil” Håkansson runs the band’s business through the company Wolfsschanze, named after Adolf Hitler’s bunker, and their most recent album, Frontschwein, is a concept piece about World War II that traffics heavily in themes of the Third Reich, neo-Nazism, Hitler worship and nauseating anti-Semitism.

Neo-Nazis invading Black Metal music.
Neo-Nazis invading Black Metal music.

Marduk was called “one of the rare true black metal bands from Sweden” by fellow neo-Nazi and mass murderer terrorist Varg Vikernes, of the infamous neo-Nazi band Burzum.

But it gets even better for Marduk’s Nazis…

The Swedish publication Etc is reporting that two members of Marduk – drummer Fredrik Widigs and vocalist Daniel “Mortuus” Rostén – made extensive purchases of Nazi propaganda material in an online store in 2016. The online store belonged to a branch of the neo-Nazi and white supremacist Nordic Resistance Movement, a racist group affiliated with the KKK, the Alt-Right, Hitler’s Youth, Identitarian Nazis and white supremacy worldwide.

Wikipedia describes the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) as a “Pan-Nordic Neo-Nazi Movement” in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland – although attempts have been made to ban the movement in Finland due to concerns for Anders Breivik style racial terrorism.

Marduk is also involved with Nordfront, a publication aligned with the Nordic Resistance Movement that describes itself as “a news site that stands out and dares to challenge the old, often Jewish owned and / or controlled, mass media empires“. They publish a book called “Holocaust, Really Six Million?” which questions the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis in World Word 2 death camps.

All Nazis, all the way through… what else did you expect from racist white people?

Antifa is right to protest at their shows and have their events cancelled, we can’t let these Nazi anti-Semites normalize HATE.

All black metal is racist, take it to the bank.

Fuck hate, fuck Marduk.

13 thoughts on “Marduk is Racist!

  1. Nice, I like them even more now.

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  2. I’m racist, I’m fascist, I’m nazi , ICH BIN NAZI !!!!! and I don’t hate you ‘cos you’re a fuck bullshit !!!


  3. Article written by a jew, avoid.

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    1. Oy vey, the goyim know.

      Why do the goyim listen to nazi black metal bands instead of kosher nu metal? It’s annudah Holocaust!!!


  4. Jose javier Estupidan September 28, 2018 — 3:26 pm

    Bogotá, Colombia said NO to Marduk. Back to Europe with the white man.


  5. – Mortuus, the vocalist… he is a white male.
    – Morgan, the guitarist… he is a white male.
    – Devo, the bassist… he is a white male.
    – Fredrik Widigs, the drummer… he is a white male.

    Imagine if a music “journalist” criticized a jewish band and made a list including the ethnicity of every one of is members. That would be wayciss “anti-seeeeemitism”.

    On the other hand, open bigotry against White Europeans is perfectly acceptable.

    It just goes to show that anti-racist = anti-White.


    1. Not only that, but they made the assumption that they’re racist because they’re white.


      1. Fuck Your Antisemitism August 10, 2019 — 9:34 pm

        White is the skin colour of oppression, slavery and genocide. it is hate, and it must be deconstructed and demolished for EVOLVED HUMAN BEINGS to live in pieace


  6. – Mortuus, the vocalist… he is a white male.
    – Morgan, the guitarist… he is a white male.
    – Devo, the bassist… he is a white male.
    – Fredrik Widigs, the drummer… he is a white male.

    All white males, all racist.
    Wow. That’s some serious journalism here. i salute your skills, dear sir.
    btw. “division” describes a union of military units. yes, the nazis were
    the first ones to combine tanks into a division. but don’t act like
    panzer division (written like this in english) is a nazi-only term. the german
    army uses still the term panzerdivision (written like this in german).

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  7. Nazis are just childish, insecure and angry poor white people who don’t know shit about how society and the world works.
    Anyways, it’s stupid of metalheads to say “not all black metal is nazi some are just pagan/satanist/etc” as that type of eurocentric xenophobia inevitably leads to nazism. Also, some black metal bands have criticized Israel on behalf of Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists: Satyr, Hellhammer (repeatedly), Fenriz, Nocturno Culto, Varg Vikernes, Ihsahn, Attila Csihar, Rob Darken. Fuck white pple


  8. All white people are racist, nazi, fascist.


  9. Whoever wrote this should jump in a fucking volcano. Useless, dickless, likely circumcised and jewish antifa.


  10. Fuck you! Antifa Faggots!


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