Yes, Gorgoroth is a Racist Band!

Gorgoroth, a racist NSBM band.
Gorgoroth, a racist NSBM band.

Is Gorgoroth a racist and white supremacist band? Of course it is, do you even need to ask…

Just read the comments on the Metalious review Gorgoroth is Racist and see the racism, the xenophobia, the anti-Semitism and often the neo-nazi leanings of black metal fans for yourself… all black metal is racist.

Of course, hypocritical black metal fans are (as always) trying to defend the bands that are rightfully accused of racism… see the “rebuttal” Is Gorgoroth NSBM (answer: yes).

Just like with Watain, Dark Funeral and Satyricon, we are dealing with a band that openly preaches white supremacy… whether or not they identify with the official NSBM scene is beyond irrelevant.

Let’s start with the name of the band, Gorgoroth.

The name Gorgoroth comes from the work of the racist and crypto-nazi author JRR Tolkien, from the book series and later movies The Lord of the Rings. If I have to explain to you why The Lord of the Rings is exhibit A literary racism, or racist science-fiction, you haven’t been paying attention.

The guitarist of the band, Infernus, is known to have made racist comments in the past, to have spoken positively of the neo-nazi racial terrorist and mass murderer Varg Vikernes, and to have raped an African woman in 2003 (a hate crime).

The vocalist, Gaahl, isn’t any better… he has said that he “supported Adolf Hitler” in a 1995 interview.

We have to remove every trace of what Christianity, and the semitic roots, have to offer this world.

– Gaahl, from Gorgoroth

He also defended racial abuse and neo-nazism in the name of “freedom of speech”.

You should be able to say whatever you want, it’s the only way to evolve. If we deny anyone an opinion, we cannot grow […] What kind of a person are you if you don’t let people speak up against you?

This is exhibit A victim blaming.

Gorgoroth, racist, NSBM and white supremacist.
Gorgoroth, racist, NSBM and white supremacist.

Not only that, but this is WORD FOR WORD the same talking points used by Alt-Right and Donald Trump neo-nazis to justify their racial abuse of minorities.

There are many more examples…

The drummer Frost of Gorgoroth also played in the neo-nazi NSBM band Zyklon-B, the name a reference to the gas that was used to kill 6,000,000 Jewish men, women and children in World War 2.

Gorgoroth also covered the track Slottet i det fjerne from the neo-nazi band Darkthrone on the compilation album Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone. This track was written by none other than the neo-nazi terrorist and white supremacist murderer Varg Vikernes.

Gorgoroth’s new drummer has played in the crypto-nazi band Dark Funeral and the openly NSBM band Dissection, whose frontman Jon Nödtveidt was convicted of the murder of a gay immigrant (Josef ben Meddour) in what was deemed a racially motivated hate crime. He was also part of the Aryan supremacist gang Werewolf Legion and the “Nationalist Satanist” criminal cult called Misanthropic Luciferian Order.

Gorgoroth’s new vocalist Atterigner is also part of the Serbian Nationalist (white supremacist) band Terrörhammer.

In other words, all the band members of Gorgoroth are somehow involved in the NSBM, whether directly or indirectly by the comments they made or crimes they participated in.

Gorgoroth is the definition of a racist neo-nazi band.


10 thoughts on “Yes, Gorgoroth is a Racist Band!

  1. ANTIFASOLDIER777 July 26, 2018 — 2:57 am

    Are any of these bands racist?:
    Angel Witch
    Celtic Frost
    Mercyful Fate

    Was at my brothers when I noticed some cd’s lying in the corner, and noted them down on my phone. I’m watching over my brother’s place next week and I might take some matches and some gasoline.


    1. Pretty much all black metal is racist.

      Angel Witch – don’t know
      Bathory – yep,
      Beherit – “Nuclear Holocausto”
      Celtic Frost – yep, see Hellhammer
      Gwar – Played live with Peste Noire and Antekhrist
      Hellhammer – “I honour Faust for killing a fucking faggot” / “black metal is for white people”
      Kreator – Metrozza, “Agent Orange”, “Lion with Eagle Wings” full of SS imagery
      Mercyful Fate – King Diamond also does vocals in the white power punk band Brainstorm
      Motorhead – Lemmy Timeless used to appear in Nazi uniforms, collected Nazi memorabilia, and was an all around nationalist, racist and homophobe
      S.O.D. – “Speak English or Die”, no comment
      Speedboözer – don’t know
      Venom – Chronos made positive comments about Varg Vikernes, also covered the band Antekhrist on several “compilation” albums


      1. Little precision : Agent Orange is by Sodom not Kreator, but yeah they are both racist shit bands by white people so fuck them


      2. you’re a fucking idiot


  2. Gorgoroth is nazi band? One of their vocalists was a homosexual, his name is Gaahl and you have him even in the picture (second from the right). He was in the band for 9 years. If its a neo-nazi band, why they left him to be their frontman? Nazis are known for hating and discriminating gays. So please explain me why he remained in the band so long.


    1. Maybe because he is a nazi himself? “If you go back even further, such as in the infamous 1995 interview where he [Gaahl] stated his support for Varg Vikernes, Adolf Hitler and Roman emperors Julius Caesar, Augustus, Caligula and Nero, you find the same hateful bigotry.” – source

      Nazis are known for hating and discriminating gays.

      That is simply not true based on the huge number of gay neo-nazis, including Gaahl himself, Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alain Soral, Greg Johnson, Don Black, Gavin McInnes, Jon Nodtveidt, Quorthon (Bathory), James O’Meara, Jared Taylor, the Watain drummer who is known for wearing swastikas during his shows and even Andrew Anglin, the man who practically founded the alt right neo nazi movement.

      Not to mention the third reich itself was very tolerant towards homosexuality, much more so than the USSR.

      ALL white people are nazis, it doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight, bi, christian, muslim, atheists.


    2. The Gaping Anus of Jeffrey Epstein's White Trash Whores July 21, 2019 — 7:50 pm

      “Nazis are known for hating and discriminating gays.”

      That’s an open lie, and a talking point pushed by the LGBT wing of the alt right. “We can’t be Nazis because we were persecuted by Nazis too”. You think we’re too dumb to call you out on your white trash propaganda? Go back to the Daily Stormer, go masturbate to black on blondes, or better the sex tape Jeffrey Epstein had with your daughters.


    3. antifa_against_nsbm July 21, 2019 — 9:32 pm


      The holy trinity will be crushed
      By the sword of the Dark Lord… of this world
      We are possessed by the moon
      We are possessed by evil
      We are possessed by Satan
      Possessed by Satan
      Never ending blasphemy…
      Kill and burn the jew

      – Possessed (By Satan), Gorgoroth
      on the album Antichrist


  3. Mohammed Alhajarun January 7, 2019 — 8:16 am

    Reactionary left wing nonsense. “Donald Trump Neo Nazis” what a poor excuse for analysis. Please try to at least consider the gradients between Nazism and conservativism.


  4. Trevor Rosenberg May 21, 2019 — 5:40 pm

    Hmmm hard to say Gaahl is NOT a nazi after expressing his aversion to any system of social equality, he also praised Hitler repeatedly and is a good friend of Varg Vikernes. I still think Gorgoroth and Gaahl are crypto NSBM. And although black metal has a troubled past of national socialism, I think it is a mistake to write off the entire genre… Disturbed is an example of an anarcho blackened grind metal band with explicit anti-racist, anti-fascist lyrics. If you want to explore it, there is a whole subset of anti racist / pro Zionist black metal known as RBAM (red and anarchistic black metal) or bands based in Israel in genral. The band Neckbeard Deathcamp for example praises the bombing of Palestinian civilians, it triggers the fake left like nothing else. fascisto-palestinian left = fake left. Hitler = Mahmoud Abbas.

    Also check out Antifa666 on Metalious and Encyclopedia Metallum, he has done amazing work calling out the crypto-racism of so called pro “palestinian” band like Satyricon, Darkthrone and the eurocentrism of white supremacist bands like Enslaved, Unleashed and Ulver


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