Yes, Darkthrone is a Racist Band!

Darkthrone, racist and nazi black metal.
Darkthrone, racist and nazi black metal.

Some say that Darkthrone is a racist and neo-nazi black metal band. Is it true?

First of all, I recommend everyone read this essential review: Darkthrone is a racist and nazi band on Metalious. So sad to see hypocritical black metal fans defend hate, ignorance and bigotry…

Of course Darkthrone is racist band, just look at who their audience is: all racist white males. Not one minority. Even a KKK rally is more diverse.

There are even a few nazi fans of Darkthrone (the crypto-fascist blogger called Demonecromancy) who tried to “refute” the points made in the review above, but only ended up confirming that Darkthrone fans are all, without exceptions, racist white males.

Let’s go through the history of the band Darkthrone to prove once and for all that this isn’t just ironic racism, this is actual Third Reich apology.

The most famous album by the band Darkthrone is none other than Transilvanian Hunger, a project loaded with neo-nazi and openly white supremacist propaganda.

And when I say open, I mean open. You don’t need to go looking for “secret nazi codes” that only a few insiders of the NSDAP would know… right on the back of the Transilvanian Hunger album, Fenriz openly proclaims “Norsk Arisk Black Metal“… which translates into Norwegian Aryan Black Metal.

But it gets better.

The band later published a press release in which they claimed: “Transilvanian Hunger stands beyond any criticism. If any man should attempt to criticize this LP, he should be thoroughly patronized for his obviously jewish behaviour“.

Varg Vikernes of Burzum wrote the lyrics to four of the songs on the Transilvanian Hunger album, this was after his arrest for murder and arson and certainly well after he had begun to profess white supremacist beliefs.

Fenriz even called Varg a “great guy” in the 2009 documentary Until the Light Takes Us. Great for his music or for his white supremacist neo-nazi beliefs… or both?

The next album they released after Transilvianian Hunger? It was called Panzerfaust. The Panzer Division was the Armored Tank regiment of the Third Reich, which was used to deport and later incinerate 6,000,000 jewish men, women and children in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and elsewhere.

And what are some of the lyrics on this album? “Destruction on the holy man / who hails a Jew” from the track Beholding the Throne of Might, the lyrics were written this time by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto.

In an interview for Terrorizer magazine, this is what Fenriz had to say about his own avowed racism.

Here in Norway it’s almost illegal to be a racist, but if you’re anti-racist it’s very nice and we don’t think that’s right. We think it should be legal to be racist and think it should be almost as illegal to be anti-racist.

– Fenriz (Terrorizer mag)

How fucking hard is it not to be a nazi?

But black metal fans are the worst of white-privileged hypocrites, they will deny that Darkthrone is nazi and racist… and when denial doesn’t work anymore, usually because they have been presented with contradictory facts, they will just start claiming that they “only listen to Darkthrone for the music“.

It makes as much sense as to claim that they “only voted Hitler for the mustache“.

Hate cannot be normalized in black metal, and Darkthrone is the worst of racist, nazi and white supremacist bands.

Seriously, fuck Darkthrone.


16 thoughts on “Yes, Darkthrone is a Racist Band!

  1. “just look at who their audience is: all racist white males”

    …and you, a lone jew lost in the world of European music.

    But instead of being grateful and acting as a guest, you start talking shit about ‘muh Holocaust’ and ‘racist White nazis’.

    Now you know why everyone hates you.

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    1. fuck you all, racism-nazi scum


  2. why are these nazi bands allowed to exist??? antifa is right to attack their live shows maybe if we did that enough these nazi whites would understand that their kind is not welcome here


  3. Antifa Fuck Metal May 28, 2018 — 1:15 am

    Darkthrone NAZI!

    “I had a great relationship with both Euro and Varg and that never changed or will change, I reckon. I take the vibe with me”
    Fenriz, 2015 interview


  4. Gas The Kikes, Race War Now May 28, 2018 — 7:56 pm

    faggot jew author, into the oven with you!

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  5. Mamadou Hitler June 11, 2018 — 9:26 am

    “Against these flies
    Your negro civilization
    The debris he makes”

    Darkthrone, “Burial Bliss” (second track in Arctic Thunder).


    1. (((Ariel Foreskin))) October 1, 2018 — 3:08 pm

      Oy vey, hate speech nazi. Remember the 6 trillion, go to war with iran and accept refugees.


  6. “Israel” ? really ?
    what are you even doing here…


  7. “The Panzer Division was the Armored Tank regiment of the Third Reich, which was used to deport and later incinerate 6,000,000 jewish men, women and children in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and elsewhere.”

    You do not use tanks to deport people, you use trains… you really are confounding everything!

    author is a frustrated nigger scum!

    “We think it should be legal to be racist and think it should be almost as illegal to be anti-racist.” – 100% agree

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  8. Make Israel Palestine Again September 23, 2018 — 12:58 pm

    Wait wait guys, author is absolutely right in his facts and thoughts about Darkthrone. Darkthrone’s music repels his jewish/sjw personality.


  9. EVUL RACIS' Y.T October 7, 2018 — 1:46 pm

    Why don’t you kill yourself?

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  10. This has to be satire. It must be. Not even the most butthurt, delusional jew could ever pen down such retardation, or could he?

    Hail Norsk Arisk Black Metal.

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    1. True Norwegian Black Metal \m/


  11. Hello dear author of this inadequate article,
    I checked your source:
    Maybe you should learn how to read carefully and don’t get yourself fooled just like it obviously happened right here. Your linked source is charging Darkthrone to be a “racist” band. Their supposed evidence is that the band’s former name “Black Death” was coming from a “Sewer album” called “Black Death”. Well, I never heard of that band before and guess what. The band “Sewer”, which they are pointing out here, was formed in 2013 ( and their album called “Black Death” was released in 2014 ( How is that even possible when Darkthrone was formed in 1986 under the name “Black Death”? Anyway, I really don’t know how you can actually write a whole article about how much you hate Darkthrone because you THINK they are a racist band. Your problem is that you are reading articles that spread fake news. Educate yourself man. It’s not my job but I hope I could help you realizing that your source is simply not enough evidence to charge Darkthrone being a “racist” band.
    Seriously, fuck you.

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  12. The only problem is that your race sucks. That’s all.


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